Confectious Concoctions

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Posted on: March 11, 2010

I completely forgot what my first post was going to be about! I wanted to share with you how I landed on a name. It stressed me out for awhile, I’ll admit. Should it be related to my Twitter profile, chelseathebaker? Should it have “blog” in it? Chelsea “The Baker” Blogs? Nah. Although it almost sounds like an alias akin to Ron “Tater Salad” White. Tangent. Sorry.

Then it sort of hit me – I needed to try to subtly relate my personal hobbies with my professional interests. What words would they have in common? Mixing, as in integrated marketing mix, or KitchenAid, or “mix-and-match” fabrics? Maybe. I think I have something here. Should it be sweet sounding? Maybe. I do like to bake, you know.

So I started using the thesaurus (it was midnight on a Wednesday by the time I got to this point, and I needed professional help). Then “confection” came to mind. Ding ding ding! went the bell. But it wasn’t just “confection” that drew me, it was “confectious”, which isn’t a real word. But I like making up new words, because what’s the fun in language if you can’t play with it? So, we’ll go with it.

But it couldn’t stand by itself as a blog name, could it? Confectious… Hmm… ConFECTiousssss… Nope.

Back to my “mixing” metaphor. When you mix ingredients you make a … concoction! That’s it! Confectious Concoctions. And that’s what I hope to bring to you, lovely readers. Sweet and interesting information, in a healthy blend of personal and professional finds, likes, and opinions.

Yes. That was a pun, sort of. And if you gag at any of my puns, I will blame my mother, who’s an English teacher with a penchant for puns. And, yes, I will also gag and roll my eyes with you.


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