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Detoxyifying Day 1

Posted on: April 19, 2010

I got an article from Women’s Health Magazine in my email a couple weeks ago about a healthy body cleanse – not like those fad cleanses that make you drink gallons of cayenne-spiked lemonade (um, yuck) – and I decided to try it. I’ve been wanting to do some sort of detox or cleanse for a while, and this is only for three days, so why not? What do I have to lose except for a couple pounds (hopefully) and a lighter sense of being?

Wait a sec, there has to be some sort of catch, right? Right … One thing that kind of put me off for a minute, at least slightly, was that coffee was completely absent from this cleanse. And, if you know me, I need my coffee. And I thought to myself, well, what about one cup a day? But, that’s still cheating, before I actually started the cleanse. *Sigh*. This might be harder than it seems at least, when it comes to productivity.

Day 1

8:00 am: Breakfast of 1/2 old fashioned oats (that’s before cooking) with a bit of cinnamon and 1/2 c. frozen blueberries; 2 cups green decaf tea (blech). The oats were actually pretty good with the berries. I usually have to sweeten my oats with brown or regular sugar and add some milk, but didn’t even put Splenda in it – I wanted to do this cleanse the “real” way. No cheating.

10:00 am: Snack of 1 Braeburn apple and 1TBS peanut butter. The cleanse calls for natural PB, but I didn’t feel like purchasing any since I had a big jar of regular at home already. 2 more cups of green tea gone. Have had to visit the ladies room 2 times already this morning.

11:00 am: Getting kinda hungry and on cup of tea #5. Hello again, Loo!

12:00 pm: LUNCH! Finally. A salad of 2 cups fresh spinach, 4 oz chicken breast, baked, seasoned with lemon pepper, 8 pecan halves (chopped), fresh lemon juice squeezed on top. And a tall glass of cold water with lemon slices. The cleanse calls for only 1 cup of spinach, but I wasn’t sure if that was packed, or what, because if not, that’s like, one leaf. Plus, I had forgotten my edamame at home. I had baked 3 chicken breasts last night, each seasoned with something different, knowing I needed one a day and so they’d be ready to go to work and when I got home late from the gym.

I decided that I should continue bringing fresh lemons to work – so refreshing! I might even make a fake lemonade, too, once this cleanse is done and I use Splenda.

12:30 pm: I’ve already consumed 13 points! (Yes, I’m also doing Weight Watchers). And I have 2 snacks and dinner to go, with only 7 points left for the day. *Sigh*

4:00 pm: Snacktime! Orange and 4oz low-fat raspberry yogurt. Om nom nom. Have visited the ladies room at least 6 times today, since I keep downing glass after glass of water with lemon slices.

WW Points left: 3.5… so confusing about which plan I should actually follow. I guess three days of this won’t be so bad, since I have those 5 points/day buffer. I am curious what the scale will say next week though.

8:30 pm Dinner: Am STARVING … 4oz baked chicken, salad of spinach, green pepper, carrots, green onion, parsley, 1/2c cooked quinoa, dressed with 1 tsp EVOO and about 1 TBS balsamic vinegar. I was supposed to also have 1 cup asparagus or artichoke hearts, but I didn’t feel like making anything else.  1/2c low-fat cottage cheese and 1c frozen blueberries made a nice, fresh dessert. Am full and happy now, not at all growly.

I’m 5.5 points over my goal (25.5 total today), but acquired 6 activity points with a 3 mile jog and 80 minutes of yoga. So, not too shabby. I didn’t really need the cottage cheese and blueberries at 9 pm – according to the cleanse it’s meant to be a snack. But, oh well. Just following instructions.


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