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Detox Day 2

Posted on: April 20, 2010

Day 2 of my Women’s Health Magazine “healthy” cleanse. I’ve been getting questions of why I’m doing this, what I’m trying to get rid of, and if I felt any differences yet. And my answers are:

1) To experiment and see if there were any changes, on or off the scale, and to see if I felt “cleansed.” I wasn’t too keen on that insane cleanse with the maple/cayenne pepper lemonade drink. And coming from Women’s Health, I thought there was some merit to the advice.

2) Not really trying to get rid of specific toxins, just wanted to see what it was like not eating processed foods, refined sugar/flour, etc.

3) My energy level does seem more natural, without my “fake awake” habit to rely on. And that’s about the only change I’ve felt.  Women’s Health says eating every 4 hours will keep my blood sugar level up and, “This means you’ll be able to cut back without feeling cranky, exhausted, or hungry.” Well, I’m not that cranky, exhausted is a meh, but hungry – I’ve been getting hungry in between meals/snacks, but have just tried to satisfy it with another cup of tea or water.

So here goes Day 2.

The scale was a little up today from yesterday morning (only .4 lbs, but still up).

8:00 am Breakfast: Oatmeal and blueberries again. Green tea … Again. For some reason do not feel as full as I did yesterday after breakfast. Hmm. Maybe I’m craving something … oh, like COFFEE maybe?

I am surprised I’m not experiencing caffeine withdrawal-induced headaches. And I’m really not as sleepy as I assumed I would be sans-java.

My friend Jean just told me about Yogi tea, whose product line includes a few flavors of detox tea. I might have to try it out because I’m not the biggest fan of plain green tea, but I do like flavored teas.

10:30 am Snack: Apple and 1 TBS peanut butter.

12:30 pm Lunch: I remembered my edamame! And, again, 4oz chicken breast, spinach, pecans, and water with lemon. Very vanilla. Am wondering why can’t I have other/more veggies in this salad? I guess I could’ve opted for the asparagus instead of spinach. Tomorrow.

4:30 pm Snack: yogurt and an orange (which is a typical PM snack for me, so it’s familiar). Haven’t been drinking a lot of fluids today – got caught up in meetings!

9:00 pm Dinner: same salad as last night, but opted to not consume the cottage cheese/berries. I did have a small bite of my boyfriend’s polenta pizza he made, so I hope that didn’t throw off any progress I made.

Feeling pretty good, even after 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes training with Trainer Sam at the Quality Hill YMCA. Over my daily points by 3.5 (23.5 total points today) but another 6 activity points. Can’t wait till tomorrow.


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