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The To Do List

Posted on: July 19, 2010

Just keeping track per my post about putting off projects and the guilt that accompanies doing such:

  1. Mom’s pillows 7/18/10
  2. Baby gifts (burp cloths for 2 friends)(started cutting fabric for 1 set on 7/18/10 – due ASAP; 2nd set due 8/20)
    • 1st set sent to my friend Karen 8/2, just in time for Baby Graham to be born 8/5; started cutting fabric for set 2 on 8/2 as well. Still need an additional fabric pattern
    • 8/4 I decided I wanted to make Pee Pee Teepees, too, and 5 custom onesies for Baby #2, Henry, so I need materials for that, too. All remaining materials have been purchased. Am doing 6 more teepees for yet another baby gift for a shower on 8/14. Good thing Kyle will probably help with the onseies!
    • Pee Pee Teepees for gifts complete 8/9! Except I overcalculated fabric and now have 12 extras ready to be made. I might sell these on Etsy, or save them for future babies. Don’t know yet.
    • 8/19 burp cloths and onesies complete!
  3. Juanita’s purse due 8/13
    • Fabric cut 8/10 (except for sew-in interfacing).
    • 8/11 interfacing cut and zipper/pocket sewn in. Also sewed on one of my “Chelsea Fitch Original” tags Kyle’s mom gave me for Easter into the lining before assembly. Tonight should go pretty quickly just assembling the fabric, interfacing, snaps, and I might mess with the straps… might.
    • 8/15 total fail getting this done in time, but I’m glad I didn’t. I showed it to Juanita while she was in town, and she gave me some feedback. But at least she likes it!
    • Completed 8/30! Check it out.
  4. Megan’s purse (request made 8/2, with no real due date, but I want to get it to her quickly. Will probably shop for fabric weekend of 8/7 Fabric purchased 8/7 – but need other supplies like interfacing.)
  5. Birthday bag for my friend Jacob’s sister’s birthday – completion date goal 9/18.
    • 8/29 met with Jacob to show him silhouettes and some fabric ideas; next up – fabric shopping!
    • 9/3 purchased exterior fabric from Urban Arts + Crafts
    • 9/4 purchased lining fabric from Sarah’s
    • 9/6 purchased interfacing and notions; majority of work done – fabric cut, lining has pockets inserted; straps made; might be done with this 9/9 -10 – a full week before original goal!
    • 9/15 showed Jacob the bag and he had one change to the closure
    • 9/19 100% complete, including the little matching card holder accessory. Pictures to come. Here’s a teaser.
  6. 9/1 I had two co-workers interested in having me make them bags. Will likely purchase fabric this weekend.
    • 9/3  – Katie’s fabric purchased from Urban Arts + Crafts (I couldn’t resist it); 9/4 – Denise’s fabric purchased from Sarah’s; 9/7 approval to proceed from both! These are going to be so cute.
  7. Business card holders (might as well since I’ve got cute fabric. Just need buttons and some elastic.) I’ll probably sell some of these on Etsy, too, so look for them!
  8. Fix clutch ( pretty low on the priority list)
  9. Pillow mate for us 7/19/10
  10. Skirt
  11. Pumpkin pillow due 9/20ish
    • 9/20 started cutting fabric – I lost the print outs of the shapes (durnit) so I’ll need to reprint them
  12. Christmas projects due Thanksgiving
  13. My own computer bag and possibly a new purse.
  14. Apron (low on priority list)

2 Responses to "The To Do List"

Guess Juanita’s purse might not get done!

Need to add my sister’s purse to the list!

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