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Posted on: May 25, 2011

I have a lot of hobbies. You probably do, too. ArtsKC started Art/Work, which is a “city-wide corporate arts challenge that enables companies to showcase their employees’ talents in the literary, visual, and performing arts.” One of Barkley’s clients, UMB, is very involved with ArtsKC, and my friend James, the Account Supervisor on the UMB account, was very set on recruiting Barkley partners who create outside of work to contribute something. He persuaded me into participating, and so here’s what I made.

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One of the stipulations was that it couldn’t come from an existing pattern, so I drew a pretty simple shape for a clutch on an 11×17 piece of paper, placed on the fold to be symmetric as any other pattern would call for. I got the fabric from Sarah’s (of course). It’s from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern collection, called Park Fountains (in mustard). I loved it at first sight and knew it would make a fabulous clutch pattern. I made yo-yos to embellish the front, referencing this website for instructions. Note, you stitch through both layers after turning the 1/4″. I somehow missed that memo.

I don’t expect it to win anything during the exhibition/competition, but it was still fun to be able to contribute. If I had time and/or started when I originally intended to, I would’ve made another purse.

What do you think?


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Nice job babe 🙂

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