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So I totally promised pics of the baby burp cloths and Pee Pee Teepees I made for our friends’ baby showers. But my camera went defunct and so I had to use Kyle’s, which is now missing.

Wuh wuhhhhhhh….

So here’s a picture of a cute kitteh to make up for it.

Sorry folks! I knew how much you wanted to see them. Who’s having a baby that I can make more for?


(I don’t speak French – so that title is probably super wrong… anyway …)

Kyle and I were killing time before a movie, so we browsed through Williams-Sonoma, where I found the stove of my dreams by La Cornue. I’d not heard of them, probably because I’ve never been in the right income bracket to even look into them. But they’ve been around since 1908 and “is legendary for its beautiful stoves made to order for the great kitchens of France. Guided by the idea that ‘true values and just principles never diminish with age,’ La Cornue chairman Xavier Dupuy has said, ‘Every cooker we build has a soul.’ To the connoisseur, a La Cornue stove is the absolute best.”

And no wonder – this particular model here is $48,000. I’m going to need a bigger piggy bank.

I never thought I’d be one of those women who cried when they got their long locks cut short. But when I went last week to do that very thing, I damn near teared up.  I came to love how it felt on my naked shoulders when I wore tank tops and the swoosh of my pony tail when I ran. I did not, however, like it when it got caught in bag straps and car doors. That part’s no fun. So, thanks to some wine and some good sense, I didn’t embarrass myself.

It all started about 4 years ago. That was the last time I cut more than an inch off of my hair – in fact, it was 7. I was hoping to be able to handle the heat and humidity to grow my hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love (10 inches is the minimum). But July turned out to be extremely monstrous and I gave in, vowing to continue to grow it until it was long enough so I could donate.

And I did. And it feels great to be able to do so. I even got my Certificate Of Appreciation already.

I know you’ve been waiting for the hard evidence. Here are some before and after pics at the salon. The longest layers of my pony tail ended up being 11 inches, but she really could’ve cut a little more, as the final style is much shorter. I do love my fresh, new look, and am glad I didn’t become that attached to my hair.

I do kind of feel a little bad for the poor kid who now has to deal with it. But I’m glad I could provide something to deal with more. And I encourage everyone, especially if you have long enough hair, to donate it at least once, even if you are somewhat attached to it. It’ll grow back, and it will give you such a great feeling that keeping your hair can’t.

Just keeping track per my post about putting off projects and the guilt that accompanies doing such:

  1. Mom’s pillows 7/18/10
  2. Baby gifts (burp cloths for 2 friends)(started cutting fabric for 1 set on 7/18/10 – due ASAP; 2nd set due 8/20)
    • 1st set sent to my friend Karen 8/2, just in time for Baby Graham to be born 8/5; started cutting fabric for set 2 on 8/2 as well. Still need an additional fabric pattern
    • 8/4 I decided I wanted to make Pee Pee Teepees, too, and 5 custom onesies for Baby #2, Henry, so I need materials for that, too. All remaining materials have been purchased. Am doing 6 more teepees for yet another baby gift for a shower on 8/14. Good thing Kyle will probably help with the onseies!
    • Pee Pee Teepees for gifts complete 8/9! Except I overcalculated fabric and now have 12 extras ready to be made. I might sell these on Etsy, or save them for future babies. Don’t know yet.
    • 8/19 burp cloths and onesies complete!
  3. Juanita’s purse due 8/13
    • Fabric cut 8/10 (except for sew-in interfacing).
    • 8/11 interfacing cut and zipper/pocket sewn in. Also sewed on one of my “Chelsea Fitch Original” tags Kyle’s mom gave me for Easter into the lining before assembly. Tonight should go pretty quickly just assembling the fabric, interfacing, snaps, and I might mess with the straps… might.
    • 8/15 total fail getting this done in time, but I’m glad I didn’t. I showed it to Juanita while she was in town, and she gave me some feedback. But at least she likes it!
    • Completed 8/30! Check it out.
  4. Megan’s purse (request made 8/2, with no real due date, but I want to get it to her quickly. Will probably shop for fabric weekend of 8/7 Fabric purchased 8/7 – but need other supplies like interfacing.)
  5. Birthday bag for my friend Jacob’s sister’s birthday – completion date goal 9/18.
    • 8/29 met with Jacob to show him silhouettes and some fabric ideas; next up – fabric shopping!
    • 9/3 purchased exterior fabric from Urban Arts + Crafts
    • 9/4 purchased lining fabric from Sarah’s
    • 9/6 purchased interfacing and notions; majority of work done – fabric cut, lining has pockets inserted; straps made; might be done with this 9/9 -10 – a full week before original goal!
    • 9/15 showed Jacob the bag and he had one change to the closure
    • 9/19 100% complete, including the little matching card holder accessory. Pictures to come. Here’s a teaser.
  6. 9/1 I had two co-workers interested in having me make them bags. Will likely purchase fabric this weekend.
    • 9/3  – Katie’s fabric purchased from Urban Arts + Crafts (I couldn’t resist it); 9/4 – Denise’s fabric purchased from Sarah’s; 9/7 approval to proceed from both! These are going to be so cute.
  7. Business card holders (might as well since I’ve got cute fabric. Just need buttons and some elastic.) I’ll probably sell some of these on Etsy, too, so look for them!
  8. Fix clutch ( pretty low on the priority list)
  9. Pillow mate for us 7/19/10
  10. Skirt
  11. Pumpkin pillow due 9/20ish
    • 9/20 started cutting fabric – I lost the print outs of the shapes (durnit) so I’ll need to reprint them
  12. Christmas projects due Thanksgiving
  13. My own computer bag and possibly a new purse.
  14. Apron (low on priority list)

I have several sewing projects in the hopper right now. It’s kind of disgusting and making me feel more and more guilty as I think about them. In semi-particular order:

  1. Remember my mom’s pillows? Yeah, actually, they’re not done yet. I decided to put a border on them and a zipper. I have everything I need … except the motivation. GOAL: complete by 7/30 so I can take them up to Iowa and give them to her.
  2. I plan on making some burp cloths for a couple pregnant girlfriends. One is about to pop any second, and the other is due in mid-October, but her showers are in the next 6 weeks. I also want to make a few onesies with funny sayings, like “I’m a breast man,” for her. I have the diapers for the burp cloths (well, they’re on their way from, just need ribbon and fabric to customize them. Time will have to be my motivation.
  3. My BF Juanita requested I make a purse for her back in April. She only requested it to be brown, and I hope I picked out the perfect fabric from Sarah’s in Lawrence. I hope to make it reversible, because the fabric I purchased for the lining is really pretty, too, and I think I have everything else I need … except the motivation. She’s going to be in KC in a few weeks, so I hope to have it done by then. Time, again, will have to be the reason why I get off my butt.
  4. The clutch I made last summer needs some refining – it’s too floppy and soft. So I need to take it apart and sew-in the stiffer interfacing I purchased. I just need the … you guessed it … damn motivation!
  5. I made a throw pillow for myself with fabric I bought from 1154 Lill’s KC store closing sale, so I can practice with the border and zipper. I just need to make it’s mate.
  6. I bought some other funky fabric at the same time and hope to make a skirt out of it for summer. I have a pattern already, too. Guess I better get on this one since it’s mid-July already.
  7. I absolutely fell in love with this pumpkin throw pillow from a couple years ago, and I have everything I need, I just need to make it.

    Adorable throw pillow I want to make for fall decoration.

  8. I started a Christmas tree skirt back in 2006. It’s still yet to be finished. Along with embellishing matching stockings and a table runner.

Anyone got any advice on how to get and stay motivated to make time to work on and eventually complete these projects?

When I first moved to KC, just about every Sunday I would take 5 quarters out of my laundry fund and march down to the corner, usually still in my pajamas, not really caring about what state my hair was currently in, and get my Sunday Kansas City Star. I didn’t actually read the paper … well … except for the funnies, the crossword and jumble, and the occasional local section. No sirree. I was after the coupons.

But sometimes I didn’t have any quarters, or other acceptable monetary units, for that corner newspaper vending machine that I almost lost my hand in on more than one occasion. And sometimes it ate my coins. Which, when you’re just out of college, each nickel, dime or quarter is more like a dollar. And I often thought how great it would be if these coin-and-finger-eating antiques could take cards. Parking meters were beginning to. The rest of society, retail-wise, was moving towards a credit/debit card-centric system. I mean, who carries cash with them nowadays? So, why couldn’t newspaper vending machines (and, on a tangent, why can’t every sort of vending machine take cards)?

Well, they are starting to, now, with not a huge amount of success, I’m surprised to learn. According to this AdAge article, the Wall Street Journal added this capability to 190 of its NYC vending machines to keep the machines relevant and the paper more accessible in hopes of stimulating trial readership. Tribune Co. has also been testing the last 6 months, but seeing flat to slightly up sales.

But unless one is walking the streets, or had developed a habit of purchasing papers from the machines, how would they know this was available to them? I mean, I don’t live in NY or anything, but I have to believe some sort of awareness campaign needs to be implemented to stimulate machine purchases.  Granted, these purchases typically account for only 5 or less percent of annual sales, but an increase is an increase, right?

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just keep my eye out for when these come to KC. Since I’ve gotten out of the habit, and rarely have 8 quarters on me, and can’t steal coupons from work anymore, I know this is something I would use.


Posted on: July 1, 2010

Sorry, y’all,  for the long hiatus (not like anyone reads this blog anyway). It’s been an interesting couple of months. Life at K&W has been busy with planning for GEHA Open Season 2010, Crown Center summer events, and all the “normal” stuff has to squeeze in between all that.

Not to mention non-work stuff like making a dress for our trip to Cancun, lots of gym time in prep for said trip, Ad Club stuff, social events, etc.

In between all that I managed to get a new job that I really, really wanted. That’s right. I’m now a “partner” at Barkley working for now on Sonic‘s media planning team. Yes, that means my life will be ruled mostly by Excel and PowerPoint … heavy on the Excel. It’s been an interesting few months trying to be stealth about the process and I really wanted to share my joys and frustrations with more than just a couple very close friends. But I definitely feel like I made the right move. A good friend and cohort told me a good measure of knowing if I did make the right decision to leave familiar and safe to new, different, unknown is if among my high of being desired as an employee, there were also feelings of, “Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?” And, trust me, there are.

So last week, after making sure my clients were set and I downloaded my knowledge to my replacement and other co-workers, I packed up all the stuff that had accumulated over almost four years into two large Panera bags, and one medium-sized gift bag. It was really odd seeing my desk that empty again, as if a part of me was gone forever. But you and I both know that that’s not true. I will hold my time at K&W as a wonderful growth period. I learned a lot about myself as a professional, what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, developing client relationships, working with different personalities, etc.

Week 1 at Barkley is almost done and so far so good. My coworkers are really great, and I’m trying to get the new agency and client vernacular down, though I know that will take some time. Hell, I even did my timesheet wrong the first time around, but that shouldn’t be a problem from now on.

So, if you’d raise a make believe glass for a moment with me, here’s to then, here’s to now, and here’s to seeing how this next chapter turns out.

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